1) Concentrating on my personal fitness has been a lifestyle game-changer. Facing health issues at a young age forced me to take up regular workouts in addition to eating healthy. I work out every day for an hour, which means waking up early. I have not skipped my workouts in the last 16 years, hence it has taught me discipline, resilience, and strength — essentials for dealing with any situation in life.

2) If at home, my breakfast usually consists of a glass of smoothie, nuts and dates to provide the required nutrition for the day.

3) For a healthy mind, yoga and meditation keep my mind at ease and help me focus better. I also find reading and travelling deeply relaxing.

4) I love making healthy desserts — from zero-sugar dark chocolates to filling granola bars for myself and my family. Given my efforts to follow a fit lifestyle, this hobby satiates the sweet tooth cravings of me and my family.

5) Having an early dinner helps avoid the modern-day health problems that are related to what we eat and when.