Harsh MariwalaMarico Founder

1   I exercise everyday, 365 days almost, in the evenings mostly. Three times a week I do weights, at the gym.  After a certain age you need to keep your muscle in good shape. I do cardio, a bit of cycling and walking. Twice a week it’s cardio, and on Saturday and Sunday I play golf. The combination gives me variety, otherwise it gets boring. Exercise is like having your bath or food everyday! You have to make it part of your life.

2   My food is geared towards controlling weight. So I eat the right kind of food. And being vegetarian, I need the right protein balance. So I have soups, Saffola soups.

3   I maintain a disciplined lifestyle. I ensure I sleep seven hours.

4   Earlier I used to fall ill from the changing weather and needed to take antibiotics. The last 18 months I have been to a homeopath and that works very well for me. I have not fallen ill. Homeopathy is very effective.

5   I leave my office at 5 pm and carry some work home. I use my commuting time in the morning and evening to read papers, for calls, etc. And I spend time everyday with my grand-kids.

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