Vedang Patel

Co-founder, The Souled Store

1 It was clear in April 2020 that gyms would not be safe for a long time. Hence, through the lockdown, I’ve been adding equipment, starting with a simple yoga mat for free hand exercises, then resistance bands, a pull-up bar, and dumbells and weights. I now have an elaborate workout regime from the comfort of my home.

2 I’ve never been calorie-conscious because I lead a fairly active life. However I’m particular about dinner before 8 pm. I also have at least two different fruits a day. The effect of a balanced diet is felt in better fitness and mental agility.

3 In today’s fast-paced world, mental fitness is key. I’ve felt the benefits of meditation, picked it up during the lockdown, after reading multiple studies and watching documentaries.

4 Although this is tougher during Covid-19 times, I try to mix my physical activities. From regular cycling, running, tennis, squash to less regular skiing, surfing, and hiking. Giving your body a variety of activities, trains it to be more adaptable and keeps the brain active.

5 Taking our dog for a walk. A personal favourite; and living on Marine Drive has its perks. Hobbit is the family dachshund.

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