Expensive insulin

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Expensive insulin

More than 90 years after it was first discovered, and despite being listed as an essential medicine by the WHO since 2007, insulin remains expensive and beyond the reach of many with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, say experts writing in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology Journal. “Insulin access is a complex challenge,” said author David Beran from the Geneva University Hospitals and the University of Geneva. “A wide variety of issues affect access including the global insulin market being dominated by three multinational manufacturers; import duties and taxes affecting the price in different counties; and mark ups in the public and private sectors.” The Review is stage one of the study, ‘Addressing the Challenge and Constraints of Insulin Sources and Supply’, led by Health Action International with Boston University’s School of Public Health and the Geneva University Hospitals and University of Geneva.


FDA on rising opioid use

The US Food and Drug Administration is deeply concerned about the growing epidemic of opioid abuse, dependence and overdose in the US. The agency has developed a comprehensive action plan to take concrete steps to reduce the impact of opioid abuse on families and communities. The agency is committing to work more closely with its advisory committees before making critical product and labelling decisions; enhancing safety labelling; requiring new data; and seeking to improve treatment of both addiction and pain. But the FDA will also re-examine the risk-benefit paradigm for opioids and consider the wider public health effects.

Published on February 05, 2016
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