HIIT, Zen and wholesome nutrition

| Updated on: Aug 10, 2020

Mihir Gadani, Co-founder & COO of OZiva

1. HIIT it: It is very important for me to have a good combination of functional training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as it can be done quickly. I have a packed schedule on most days but I ensure that I am getting at least 30 minutes' workout, five days a week.

2. Run for Zen: Running, for me, is a way to meditate. I ensure that I complete 15-20 km per week. It not only helps clear my mind but also ensures that I maintain my cardiovascular health.

3.Daily Ayurveda: Gut health is very important and Ayurveda has helped me in many areas of my physical well-being. I use a variety of ayurvedic concoctions prepared at home for improving overall health

4.Wholesome nutrition: I am a nutrition-conscious person. I believe in being intentional about what I consume. I eat healthy home-cooked meals and watch the macro/micro nutrients. I am well aware that, as a vegetarian, my meals may lack the right amount of nutrition and therefore I also take the products we produce to make up for it. I also am mindful of my fluid intake.

5. Mental health: To enjoy the benefits of nutritious food and exercising, mental health is very important. I believe in the word Sthitpragya that, in short, means, a man who is faithful to his promise or agreement, a man who is firm in judgment, a man who is content, determined and steady.

I do three things in order to maintain a healthy state of mind:

I take out 5 minutes a day to pray; I surround myself with positive people and I have learnt to focus and prioritise on things that matter and accept things that are out of my control.

Published on August 10, 2020
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