1 I go to the gym everyday for an hour. It’s my biggest hobby to keep fit and look good.

2 Diet, it sometimes lapses, but I’ve cut out all sugar and feel amazing for it. I’m conscious about what I eat. Do I sometimes completely and utterly fail? Yes! But by and large, I’m watching solidly what I eat. I’ve dropped bread too, makes a huge difference.

3 I stretch if I can. I wish I had time to do yoga. But stretching just to get the body moving.

4 Sleep. I am a sleepaholic. Of course, if there’s a news story, you keep going till you drop. But if there’s no need to be up, I get five six hours of sleep a night. But if I’m tired during the day, I will sleep. Even in New York, I have no problem catching a 15-minute snooze because I have to do my best work at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, when I am on air.

5 I’m good on the mobile phone. On vacation, I’ll do e-mails in the morning, once during the day and in the evening. I will not carry it around with me. People can always call me. I may sound like a fitness guru! The downside, I work too hard, have too much stress and don’t take enough vacations. So I’m not coming to you with clean hands!