1  I have reduced from 103 kg to 73 kg and 60 per cent of this happened in three months. But fitness is not a quick delta, it’s a lifestyle. So it’s necessary to keep it consistent

2  I start my day with boiled eggs and fruit. Lunch is chicken with dhal and vegetables or greens but no carb. Dinner could be quinoa or  rice along with some protein (mostly chicken) besides vegetables.  A mid-day snack is usually fruit and peanut butter. My bad habit kryptonite is midnight-snacking and dark chocolate.

3  I work out at least five times a week — which includes going for a run and some weight training. I love sport. I play badminton, basketball and squash. I go for a swim once a week.

4  Every time I’m on a call, I try to walk around the conference room at the office. I wear  a fitbit and track my activity, sleep, steps, heart  rate, etc. I walk to work every time I don’t have an outside meeting, fortunately my office is close enough.

5  I usually work out in the evening, followed by dinner. I love getting a bit of air and the outdoors, so it helps that Bengaluru has such lovely weather.

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