1) Fitness is not just about improving strength and stamina, but also enhancing overall wellness. I like workouts with variety, so weekdays could do with a good 20-minute sprint but weekends are all about indulging in the swimming pool.

2) The mountains are nature’s own gymnasium. One good trek can do what an hour of indoor exercise can’t. Now that the world is slowly opening up again, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to trek to the nearest hilltop for a cardiovascular adventure.

3) While run-of-the-mill exercises do the job, I always seek that edge of adrenaline. There is no other experience that matches the euphoria of skiing through the majestic Swiss Alps, or, my personal favourite, Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains.

4) How clean you eat determines how balanced you are. While gorging on some calorie-filled delights once in a while is a must, we need to make sure our general diet is nutritious enough to survive an occasional oily onslaught.

5) Recovery is essential for a prosperous fitness journey. I make sure that once a month I step away from the office, the gym, and the meetings to sit down with an enriching book, soothing music and a cup of warm chamomile.

The author is Head of Operations, Maserati India