Ambika Sharma,

Founder and MD, Pulp Strategy

1. I start my day early and work out for an hour, five times a week, to stay physically fit. This season aside, I swim every day through the summer (which I missed terribly this time).

2. For mental fitness I read one hour of news and current affairs and then 40-50 minutes industry updates and news every day, I like to read and usually get through a book a week. It keeps me connected and sane.

3. I keep hydrated and my “go to” drink is nimbupani (lemonade), it’s my constant companion through the day. I quit caffeine a few years ago, so no coffee for me and I rarely indulge beyond a cup of tea a day.

4. At office or work from home, while on the computer, which is a considerable duration out of a work day, I try and keep my spine and posture straight without a backrest. While on the phone or on calls I walk and keep mobile. I consciously make it a point not to indulge in online games as a stress buster in order to limit screen time.

5. Weekends I spend motorcycling or tinkering with the bike, and mostly outdoors. Fresh air is the best booster and sunshine the best disinfectant.

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