Sudhanshu Pokhriyal

(Chief Executive Officer (Bath and Tiles Business) Hindware Ltd)

1. Kickstart Your Mornings: I begin my day with breathing exercises, they act as espresso shots giving my brain a boost. These exercises are ideal for someone with a hectic schedule as they don’t take much time.

2. You can’t buy health: No matter how busy you are, one must take out time to keep oneself fit. Money can buy you most things barring health - one needs to remember that! I try to work out at the gym,at least 4-5 times a week.

3. Golfing helps me connect with nature: I plan my weekends in advance. On most weekends, I enjoy a round of golf with my friends. Golf teaches you a lot and helps connect with nature in a unique way.

4. Going “all-in on the kids”: I’ve discovered a cadence with my kids that immediately counterbalances my work and personal life. I go “all-in on the kids” and catch-up on the latest from the Gen Z world.

5. A trek a month: To disconnect from the clutter of normal life and give myself the freedom to think freely, I try and do a trek a month.