Piyush Kumar

Founder & CEO, Rooter

Sport is my workout

Sports: A passionate sports lover for over 15 years, I play 5-6 days a week, be it badminton, squash or tennis. A “play to win” approach calls for strategy, dedication and grit – and that appeals to me more than the new-age fitness rage of gymming.

Breathwork:   I am intrigued with ‘breathwork’ and I am experimenting with different types of mindful breathing exercises, 10-15 minutes every day. The physical benefits of deep, conscious breathing are so immediate that I even do it before my important meetings!

Good sleep: Having a sleep schedule is as important as a daily exercise regime. I have recently been tracking my sleep patterns and timings to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night.

Home food I prefer home-cooked meals, green juices, shakes, salads etc. I restrict myself to two meals a day that are high on nutrition and keep me away from junk food.

My kids The most important life mantra - my kids. For me, they are a big source of energy. I spend quality time with my son playing badminton, especially over the weekends. It resets me for the upcoming week.