Early nights and mornings Nothing excites me more than going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 5 or 6 am, depending on when my son decides to wake me up. It motivates me to get a head start on the day, with the most productive hours under my belt.

Boxing/Workouts I’m up early and ready to smash a high intensity workout. I started boxing 4 years ago and can’t dream of any other regular workout. I can literally feel the explosion of endorphins surging through my brain every-time I finish a morning session of training.

Vegan Recipes I love finding new plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products, be it homemade or something new in the market - nutritional alternatives to unhealthy foods.

Quality time Instead of large parties, my weekends are usually spent on getting quality time with family and close friends. This usually leads to a lot LOT of jokes and laughing - food for the soul.

Audiobooks I believe in being a forever student and ensure 15-30 mins a day to listen to a non-fiction audiobook to understand different subjects. Never stop learning!