1. Qigong: I dedicate 20 minutes to Qigong — a series of moving meditation exercises that harmonise body, breath and mind. I discovered Qigong during Covid-19 and found it immensely beneficial.

2. Mythology: I find it captivating to delve into mythological characters and extract valuable lessons from their stories. This introspective exercise is mentally charging.

3. Sport-time: To unwind, table tennis and gully cricket are the go-to activities with my 10-year old son.

4. Music therapy: Old melodies and contemporary romantic songs by Kishore Kumar, Udit Narayan and Arijit Singh help me tune out from worries, especially traffic snarls. I sing along to de-stress.

5. Evening walks and jogs: A brisk 30-minute walk with wife after dinner helps catch-up, patch-up and plan.

(The writer is Regional Managing Principal, ZS)