'Reconnect with your feet'

| Updated on January 17, 2018 Published on August 22, 2016


Ravi Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder, Stepathlon Lifestyle

1 Adjust your meal size to the amount of activity done and focus on the proportion of food groups in each meal. I believe in the hunter-gatherer philosophy but it’s important to know that one was more of a gatherer. Therefore, meat constitutes no more than 25 per cent of any meal.

2 We need to reconnect with our feet. The environments we live and work in promote inactivity. Fitness comes from focussed (exercise, that is) and incidental (for instance, taking the stairs) movement.

3 Variety keeps your diet and exercise routine interesting. I alternate between swimming, walking and the gym. My diet has several staples, but I’m constantly exploring healthy and (sometimes) not-so-healthy options! The key is balance, and being sensitive to how your body responds.

4 The joy experienced in eating is undeniable! Indulge, but never to the point where indulgence becomes habitual.

5 Mental health is important. In modern life, work permeates time and space; we are always connected making it critical to disconnect. Time spent exercising, reading, meditating and spending time with my daughter Mai-rah help me relax and recharge.

Published on August 22, 2016
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