1: Sweat it out: It’s a must. Any form of physical activity like exercising, playing a sport or running is essential. Dedicate at least an hour every day to this. It will make you physically fit and mentally healthy.

2. Early to bed, early to rise, makes you wise: To a mountaineer like me, this is the most important lesson. Getting up early gives a head start to the day. It allows you to find personal time for things you won’t find time for in your normal routine.

3. Let food be the medicine: Wrong choices of food is what takes a toll on people’s health. Eat healthy and eat what your body needs instead of what you crave for. If you aim for a healthy lifestyle, I believe both diet and workout go hand in hand.

4. Meditation: People tend to forget, mental exercise is equally important as physical. Meditation gives your mind the exercise and calmness it needs. It also trains your mind and body to stay focused.

5. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – says Lao Tzu: Go on treks, there is nothing better than going in the lap of nature. This way you feel refreshed and experience the feeling of standing on top and enjoy the view.

The author is a mountaineer, and youngest to summit six 8000 m peaks