HiFiMan TW600 review: Premium sound with some design drawbacks

Varun Aggarwal | Updated on February 15, 2020

TWS600 has a rather unique design that sets it apart from any other brand

Bluetooth is not the favourite technology of an audiophile. And more so when you talk about truly wireless bluetooth headsets. So when a brand popular among audiophiles launches a truly wireless headset, you sit up and take notice. We’re talking about HiFiMan, a brand that has headphones that can set you back by as much as Rs 36 lakh!

The TWS600 is the first set of True Wireless Earphones from the Chinese company's stable. So we decided to take a look at whether the brand stays true to its image with the new headset.

Flimsy design


TWS600 has a rather unique design that sets it apart from any other brand. HiFiman has taken an old-fashioned design with an all gunmetal painted surface that adds to the appeal of the egg-shaped headphone case.

What's disappointing, however, are the actual headphones. These are all plastic and cheap looking. For the price of Rs 12,999, one would expect a more inspiring tougher build if not anything else. What's worse is that the headphones come with a minimal IPX4 rated resistance, which means you can't take them while you go for a swim, but just enough for a regular splash of water.

The in-ear fit wasn't perfect initially, as the earphones kept popping out. But the inclusion of 10 pairs of silicon ear tips ensure that the earphones will fit just about any shape or size of ears after a bit of trying. The only glitch here is that not all of these ear-tips fit inside the charging case, which means you'll have to take them off each time you want to put the earphones for a charge.

HiFiMan has been old-fashioned even in terms of placing on-ear controls. Unlike touch-sensitive control, the earphones are equipped with mechanical buttons to initiate a command. So, if you want to take a call, play music or increase volume, you'll have to press the buttons hard, which push the earphones deeper into your ears. A big design flaw in our opinion, but one that is common enough.

Taking a cue from its high-end headphones,TWS600 uses a dynamic sound driver with the company's own new Topology Diaphram drivers, which are said to have a nano particle coating in specific geometric patterns to deliver accurate sound.

HiFiMan recommends a considerable amount of burn-in time before evaluating the sound, and the experience does evolve into a more soothing one after you've spent 15-20 hours with them.

The use of the Topology tech also means that the sound signature is also similar to the high-end headphones from HiFiMan, which is more of a clean presentation, with intense focus on clarity and accuracy, with a touch of brightness. But for most Indians who are big fans of high bass, the earphones would come as a disappointment since bass is low at higher pitches.

But that doesn't mean the TWS600 isn't fun. If you're listening to a romantic ballad or classical music or for that matter any song with low bass, you'll love the TWS600 with its energetic response and accurate sound that comes with a warm signature.

The earphones appear tuned to favour treble. So, you'll enjoy the vocals, podcasts and the distinct sound of each instrument being played in the song.

When you take phone calls on the TWS600, the the company recommends that you pull out one of the earphones and hold it closer to your mouth to make sure your voice is delivered clearly to the other side. That kind of ruins the wireless experience, but then these earphones are really meant for little other than music. So if music is what you need, you'll have to live with these issues.

Battery life is a strong element for TWS600. Depending on the volume you play them at, a single charge typically lasts you 5 hours of playback. The charging case holds an extra 33 hours, which is among the highest for true wireless earphones and will easily keep you going for a week without a charge. The long battery life also means that you can carry the earphones without the charging case on a regular day, allowing you to keep the otherwise massive set in your pocket.

The HiFiMan TWS600 has tried to bring in audiophile quality of sound at an affordable price. That means it does sound very different from what one may be used to listening to in the price category. So, if you're fan of a more balanced sound, you'll love them. But if thumping bass is all you look for in a earphone, then you may not be as pleased with the TWS600.


But if you give them enough time, they do tend to grow on you pretty quickly. We personally felt that what the earphones lacked in build quality and design, is more than made up with the sound. However, had these been tuned for higher bass, it would appeal to a larger Indian audience.

Price: Rs. 12,999

Pros: Clear and accurate sound, good battery life, comfortable

Cons: Plastic build, design flaws

Published on February 15, 2020

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