Telegram Messenger has introduced new features to simplify user experience and solidify their privacy related-features.  

Sign up without a SIM card

Telegram now lets users create an account on Telegram without inserting a SIM card. Users can log in using blockchain-powered anonymous numbers available on the Fragment platform. Telegram is leveraging the power of Blockchain to improve online safety on its platform. 

Auto-Delete All Chats

Telegram introduced self-destructing messages in the year 2013. It allowed users to delete any messages they send or receive for both sides without leaving a trace. The app has now upgraded the user control features over its digital footprint into the future. Users are now able to set a global auto-delete timer to automatically remove messages in all the new chats. The auto-delete feature was only limited to individual chats earlier. 

Topics 2.0

Telegram has upgraded the Topics feature considering better user accessibility and experience. With Topics 2.0, group admins with 100 or more members can organize discussions into topics followed by a two-column mode interface to enable users to find current chats easily while browsing topics. A new General topic is added by default, consisting of service messages as well as the group’s previous message history. Further, up to five topics can be pinned to the top of the list now.

 Temporary QR codes

With this new update, users without a public username can temporarily generate QR codes to quickly connect with people around them without showcasing their phone numbers.

Detailed Storage Usage and More on Android

In this update, Telegram has re-designed the interface for Android users in an existing way for iOS users. Now Android users can see the space each chat is utilizing on their device and can filter individual chats’ images, videos, audio, and files from the cache.

 Emoji upgrades

Telegram has introduced more interactive emojis for users in addition to choosing full-screen effects synchronized for them and their chatting partners. These emojis are not restricted to premium users, all users can use these emojis as reactions. Now iOS users can use Emoji search, alike Android users, to find the perfect emoji, including those from custom packs.

(This article has been taken from a syndicated press release, and may have been reworked for brevity.)