The Bose QC35: It is quietly musical

Updated on: Aug 31, 2016
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Though pricey, this is the best noise cancelling headphone in the market

If noise tends to drive you up the wall, then you could do with a pair of headphones (or earphones) from Bose, well padded with their signature noise cancellation. While audiophiles would turn their noses up at headphones, especially if it is a wireless one, the latest product from the house of Bose would suit the rest of us, especially the frequent fliers.

Even before you turn the music on, Bose’s QC35, the newest in the QuietComfort series, shuts out the noise when you put on its plush ear-cups. You might still faintly hear the chattering pair next to you on a flight, or the neighbour’s dog making a racket, but once the music flows, you are mercifully alone with good music for company. And if you tend to close your eyes while listening to music, chances are that you might not register if someone comes over and tries to strike a conversation.

The QC35 is all cushioned and comfortable, light and yet sturdy and solid. It’s an understated pair, not designed for flaunting or to grab attention. At the same time, it has an elegant look. It takes a firm grip on the head because of a broad headband, but unlike so many other worthy headphones, doesn’t feel like a great vice holding the cranium prisoner. The strong grip comes handy while jogging with it or doing a workout.

The QC35 sounds pretty good. Some could call the sound balanced, and others flat, as there is no specific emphasis on highs or lows with a design meant to appeal to the general public rather than those who like their sound skewed a certain way. The bass is full and the overall sound very pleasing. There were some complaints that bass on this set of headphones distorts at a high volume. But on checking, I could not find any discernible distortion, and hastily returned to safe volume levels, where it sounds great.

The controls are simple and minimalistic. There is no little console because there are no wires, but a few buttons on the right ear-cup help to pair, handle volumes, switch on or off the power, and take calls. For easy pairing, you can download the Bose app and connect with NFC or Bluetooth with a command. There is little else to it. There is a wire to connect directly to the source for better sound when you want.

The coverage range for the QC35 didn’t seem too good and connection on Bluetooth tended to break on venturing too far from the playback source. It’s the QC35’s a hefty price tag of ₹29,363 that has everyone thinking twice.

Although few will hesitate to call this the best noise cancelling pair of headphones in the market, they also can’t help wondering just how much one has to pay for a bit of peace and quiet. Coming soon is the in-ear version of these headphones and no doubt, these will be no cheaper either.

Price: ₹29,363

Love: The best noise cancellation there is. Good clean sound. Comfortable fit.

Hate: Steep price. Bluetooth range less than perfect

Published on March 12, 2018

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