Looking to create a small home theatre in your house, but not much space around. Well, the ViewSonic M2e portable projector might just be the solution for that, and here’s why. 

Form factor

The M2e is quite light at 1 kg, and is easy to carry. It is compact at 184 x 184 x 54 mm and comes with a carry case to take the projector on those short workcations and family holidays. 

The M2e unit that I got is basic white and grey. It features vents on three sides as well as an inbuilt cooling fan that has a low, yet audible hum. The unit stayed cool over the many hours that I used.


The LED projector is ideal to watch media across a 60-100 inch space. The device is built with lens autofocus and automatic keystone and corner adjustment, which makes it easy to use in small halls for work or in a room for some entertainment in a jiffy. 


The ViewSonic M2e features an Audio out, HDMI port, USB type C, USB 2.0 ports besides a power port. Although the projector can detect inputs, auto-switching to those sources without a remote seems to be a problem.

Apart from the M2e projector, there’s a USB Type-C cable along with a 19W power brick with three different adapters, and remote control with two batteries. 


The M2e features both a height-adjustable front stand and three rubber feet which lets you prop the projector on a table surface, and has a tripod mount as well. 

The projector itself has no physical controls to navigate the OS. You can use the bundled remote, the ViewSonic vCastSender companion app or connect a mouse and keyboard via a dongle to make your way around. 

User experience

The first use of the projector started with a hiccup with both Netflix and Amazon Prime app crashing, but a firmware update later, the projector’s OS was stable enough to use and since then the experience had been better with fewer random crashes.  

The M2e’s colour rendition is fairly vivid when projected on a cream colour wall. If one would be presenting in an office against a whiteboard or at home against a projection screen, then the projector would be able to show more natural colour tones, and you can tweak the image settings if needed. 

The projector features two 3-watt Harmon Kardon speakers which kicked up a mini storm in my living room. I played Samaritan on Amazon Prime and the sound throw was great in an 800 sq ft space.

I could also use the projector to stream music via Bluetooth or as a speaker control system for Bluetooth speakers. Since it has an audio out port to connect to amplifiers and home-theatre systems, it shows that the device has been built for both sound purists and mobile youngsters. 


The ViewSonic M2e is an interesting product with a lot of connectivity options, and the ability to download apps. It’s worth the price only if its OS gets better and crashes less. 

  • ₹85,000.
  • Quick autofocus, auto-edge adjustment, connectivity ports.
  • Buggy OS, stiff remote buttons.