Every company needs its own characteristic set of competencies as these have to be contextualised to the organisation. However, in these times of rapid change, there are a few that are critical. According toAchal Khanna, CEO, SHRM India, the three competencies that are common and will be needed for the future are:

Relationship Management

Definition: The ability to manage interactions to provide service and to support the organisation

Key behaviours: Manages internal and external relationships in ways that promote the best interests of all parties. Develops a network of contacts, including senior leaders, operational teams, staff, peers, suppliers/vendors, and community leaders across organisations.

Leadership & Navigation

Definition: The ability to direct and contribute to initiatives and processes within the organisation

Key behaviours: Leads the organisation through adversity with resilience and tenacity. Serves as a transformational leader for the organisation by leading change

Business Acumen

Definition: The ability to understand and apply information to contribute to the organisation’s strategic plan

Key behaviours: Demonstrates a capacity for understanding the business operations and functions within the organisation. Leverages technology to solve business problems.