Now, an online tool to help companies with English communication

Rutam Vora Updated on November 08, 2019
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Ahmedabad-based LearnEd launches first-of-its kind app-based communication training platform

To equip companies and professionals with English communication skills, an Ahmedabad-based start-up LearnEd has a launched first-of-its kind workplace communication online training service.

Targeted to provide essential communication training through its mobile app — LearnEd has developed in-house a learning platform.


Developed on the basis of language mapping method of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) the app is useful for small and mid-level companies to train its employees with communication skills required for effective external and internal communication.

“This is a programme, which companies register for their employees. Based on their requirements and application, they undergo workplace communication skill training. This training starts with a minimum 10-hour programme - spread across 10-15 days. In total, we have developed 20-25 modules in various workplace application areas. Primarily, it is useful for correct communication at crucial points such as - while dealing with regulators, compliance officers, government agencies, overseas partners or business prospects besides customers,” Tarana Patel Chatterjee, Founder and CEO told BusinessLine.

In past five years, the company has spent ₹10 crore towards technology and platform development, while it has so far provided training to over 2,500 people in the last two years using the LearnEd platform. The company is currently focussed on B-to-B clients.

“We have observed that businessmen in tier-2/3 cities lack in basic English communication — from language point of view as well as the right attitude for communication. In certain cases, the communications officer may lack key techniques and formats, which makes the company suffer the consequences of regulatory action following compliance failure. Our tools help them use right actionable communication methods, fix common mistakes and plan and conduct meaningful dialogue,” Chatterjee stated.

The company having secured an IP for its platform, looks to on-board about 100 companies in the first year of its rollout with an aim of achieving a million users over the next five years.

Currently, self-funded LearnEd is also exploring strategic and financial partnerships for expansion. “We may need at least three-times of the investment we have done so far over the next five years. Most of the investment will go for manpower and technology development,” she said adding that the per user fees starts from ₹15,000 for a basic training module, and moves up with additional requirements.

Published on November 08, 2019