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Joy Bhattacharjya | Updated on March 10, 2018 Published on April 21, 2017


At a time when organisations hire Chief Belief Officers and people make good money as professional snugglers, we have decided to feature a quiz on jobs of all shapes and varieties.

1 Which organisation used to employ a certain Tiffany Montague whose official designation was ‘Intergalactic Federation King Almighty and Commander of the Universe’ and still have in their ranks Chade Meng-Tan whose official title is Jolly Good Fellow. Other interesting designations within the organisation include Dance Program Manager and Ergonomics Specialist.

2 J Rao’s expert mimicking of his senior officers at a company function in Mumbai in the early 1980s finally led to a prolific career in films. What name did he adopt for his film career? If it helps, he worked for a well-known multinational.

3 Rajinikanth was not the only bus conductor who made it big in films. Which other film star, who acted in over 300 Hindi films, was originally a bus conductor with the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport? Raj Kapoor’s Baazi was his first major film.

4 In Japanese metro stations, which extremely specific role was performed by Oshiyas? If it helps, they were more useful in winters.

5 In the UK, if the surname Hooper originated from a person who made barrels and a Fletcher was the person who made arrows, what did a Faulkner do?

6 If the surname Gandhi originated from ‘perfume sellers,’ which common surname in North India originated from their duties as messengers or runners in the field of battle?

7 Sixteenth-century French poet Jean Daurat developed a new breed of professionals known as claqueurs, who became extremely popular in opera houses and theatres through Europe. What did claqueurs do?

8 Professional urine farming is a thriving occupation in the US. Whose urine, and what do they do with it?

9 Which film follows the adventures of Thomas A Anderson, a computer programmer in Metacortex Corporation, who also moonlights as a hacker?

10 Which country music legend was formerly a morse code operator with the US Military Intelligence Services intercepting Soviet army transmissions and was the person who decoded the message about Josef Stalin’s death during the Cold War?


1. Google; they also employ several food scientists and preschool teachers at their Childcare Centre

2. John Rao became Johnny Lever; he was an employee of Hindustan Lever before entering films

3. Johnny Walker, originally named Badruddin Kazi

4. They are the people who literally push people on to the trains and make sure nobody is caught in the gates. With the extra layers of clothing, winter was usually more challenging

5. Faulkners were originally falconers, in charge of their Lord’s falcons

6. Dhawan

7. They were professional applauders hired to laugh and clap at the right times during performances

8. It’s the urine of does in heat. It is used by hunters to attract amorous stags

9. The Matrix, Will Smith was first choice for the role of Neo before Keanu Reeves bagged it

10. Johnny Cash, who was also jailed several times for drug-related offences

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Published on April 21, 2017
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