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On this day in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was officially opened. This week’s quiz is on famous monuments from around the world.

Monumental list

1 The Empire State Building has often been lit in different colours for special occasions — Blue for ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ Frank Sinatra’s 80th birthday; orange, blue and white for Knicks games, and blue again when the Democrats won the 2008 election. But in 2004, whose demise prompted the iconic building to shut off its lights for 15 minutes?

2 Which iconic monument in Afghanistan is believed to have inspired the design and architecture of the Qutb Minar?

3 Two of the most prominent monuments for European ships passing through the Bay of Bengal were the ‘Black Pagoda’ and the ‘White Pagoda,’ both important navigational landmarks. Which two monuments on India’s east were known by these names?

4. Arab historians claim it was done by Muhammad Saim al-Dahr. Another account blames it on Napoleon’s artillery while Goscinny and Uderzo have their own version of what could have happened. Which act of vandalism are we talking about?

5. The new Apple headquarters in London will be at this iconic structure, which featured famously on the cover of a Pink Floyd album of the 1970s. Name this ’30s building, which has many more pop culture references?

6. What was inaugurated with week-long festivities in May 1937, with 2,00,000 pedestrians and the ceremonial pressing of a button by President Roosevelt in Washington? If it’s any help its colour is technically ‘international orange’.

7. Which 12th-century fortress, later converted into a royal palace, is the largest museum in the world?

8. For what reason are Antipater of Sidon, a Greek poet of the second-century BC, and his associates Philo, Strabo and Diodorus still remembered? The topic of this quiz should help.

9. In 1920, Catholics in a South American city organised an event called Semana Do Monumento to attract donations to build a particular structure. Designs featuring the Christian Cross, and a statue with a globe in its hands were considered before the final design was agreed upon. Which world famous monument, finally inaugurated in 1931, is this?

10. In 1957, architect Jorn Utzon’s entry beat more than 200 other applicants for the design of a particular monument. His design was to cost around $7 million and be completed by 1963. Eventually, it finished 10 years later, costing a staggering $102 million. Which famous structure, now recognised as a modern design classic?


1. Fay Wray, the actress carried by the giant ape in the original film version of King Kong

2. The minaret of Jam, an 11th-century monument in the Ghor district

3. The Sun Temple at Konark was known as the ‘Black Pagoda,’ and the Puri’s Jagannath Temple was known as the ‘White Pagoda’

4. These are the various explanations for the missing nose of the Sphinx. The Asterix version has Obelix breaking it by mistake

5. Battersea Power Station. Also featured in films like The Dark Knight, Sabotage and The Children of Men and on the cover of the Pink Floyd album, Animals

6. The Golden Gate Bridge

7. The Louvre, which displays 38,000 works of art over almost 800,000 sq ft. It was the main residence of the French ruler before Louis XIV shifted to Versailles

8. They were the creators of the list of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World

9. The statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio, created by Paul Landowski

10. Sydney Opera House

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Published on March 30, 2018
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