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This quiz is about Kublai Khan and other emperors

On September 23, 1215, Kublai Khan, soon to be the emperor of land stretching from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean, was born to Tolui and Songhagtani.

1 While Kublai Khan will always be associated in verse and literature with the city of Xanadu, he was the Khan who actually moved the capital to the newly-built city of Dadu in the 13th century. Which modern city stands on the site of Dadu or Khanbaliq as it was also known?

2 While there are plenty of contemporary constitutional monarchies and kings and queens, only one such ruler is universally regarded as an emperor, tracing back its title to 660 BC. In which country would you come across the last constitutional emperor?

3 What was the subject of the award-winning 2005 French film La March de l’empereur, which won an Academy Award in 2006?

4 What was dedicated to Archduke Rudolf and first performed on January 13, 1811 at the Palace of Prince Joseph in Vienna?

5 Rudrama Devi,who ruled in the 12th century, is one of the few Indian monarchs regarded as an empress. She succeeded her father Ganapathi Deva and ruled her kingdom for more then 20 years. To which Indian dynasty did she belong?

6 By what name is the Battle of Austerlitz in December 1805, between Napoleon and the coalition against him, more commonly known?

7 Who is the last British ruler to also be referred to as the emperor of India? And while we’re at it, who was the first?

8 In 1936, King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy claimed to be the emperor of which other region, thanks to a war fought by his country between 1935 and 1936?

9 This former general took over in a coup d’etat in 1966 and ruled till 1978, mainly because of French support. In 1976, he converted to Catholicism and was coronated as the emperor of his country. Name him and the unfortunate country he ruled.

10 The empire of Harsha, which existed in the sixth century, was one of the largest in Indian history, covering almost all of north India and modern Pakistan. In which city did Harsha have his capital?


1. Beijing

2. Japan, he is also the highest authority on Shinto and regarded as a direct descendant of the sun king

3. Emperor penguins. This was a documentary shown around the world. The Hindi version was voiced by Amitabh Bachchan

4. Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No 5, more commonly known as the Emperor Concerto

5. The Kakatiya dynasty, which had its capital in Oragullu, now known as Warangal

6. The Battle of Three Emperors. Napoleon defeated the combined forces of Tsar Alexander and the Austrians fighting under the banner of the Roman Catholic emperor Francis II

7. George VI was the last emperor of India. The title was actually abandoned almost 10 months after Indian Independence, in June 1948. Queen Victoria was the first empress of India, and her son Edward VII the first to use the title as emperor

8. Ethiopia. Haile Selassie was restored after Italy was defeated in 1941

9. Jean-Bédel Bokassa, who ruled Central African Republic

10. Kannauj

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Published on September 22, 2017
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