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On the 229th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a quiz on revolts.

1 The ‘6th April Youth Movement’ and the ‘We Are All Khaled Said’ were two Facebook groups that played a vital role in the dissemination of information and the organisation of activists in the recent past. In which country were they supporting a revolutionary movement?

2 Player revolts are fairly common in football, with both the Argentinian and the German teams going through internal tumult. Which star player was ejected by his coach Raymond Domenech in the middle of a World Cup campaign, which ended in an unmitigated disaster for the fancied team?

3 The Z Force and the K Force were the two most prominent military units of which 20th-century revolutionary outfit?

4 In the summer of 1944, the underground resistance in which capital city rose to liberate themselves from the Nazis? The unsuccessful uprising lasted 63 days and the city was razed in reprisal.

5 Which fictional work describes a coup d’état against King Muskar XII, engineered by secret agents of a neighbouring country by stealing a national treasure which was the symbol of the king’s power?

6 Which revolt was initiated by an organisation known as the ‘Militia United in Righteousness’ (Yihetuan) and got its more common name from the fact that many of the members were practitioners of martial arts?

7 Which controversial product was supplied by the Indian firm of Gangadhar Banerjee & Co to the British army in the mid-19th century?

8 Which single year in the 19th century is known as the ‘Year of Revolution’, with different movements breaking out in Austria, Hungary, Denmark, the Netherlands, the German Confederation and Italy?

9 The Third Servile War was a series of slave rebellions against the Roman Republic in 73 BC in Capua. The revolt is also named after which famous historical personality?

10 Which bestselling novel, about a coup in the fictional African state of Zangaro, is dedicated to Giorgio, Christian, Schlee, Big Marc and Black Johnny and “the others in the unmarked graves”?


1. Egypt, regarded as the first modern ‘social media’ revolution

2. French striker Nicholas Anelka was fired by Domenech. France failed to qualify from the group stage

3. Mukti Bahini, which fought for Bangladeshi freedom during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. The Z Force was headed by Zia ur Rehman and the K Force by Khaled Mosharraf

4. Warsaw; it was the largest European resistance effort during the war

5. King Ottokar’s Sceptre, where Bordurian agents try to destabilise Syldavia before Tintin comes to the rescue

6. The Boxer Rebellion in China

7. The grease for the paper cartridges of the Enfield P-53 rifle, which Indian soldiers claimed was made from beef or pork

8. 1848, also known as the Spring of Nations

9. It’s also named the War of Spartacus, after the gladiator who led the revolt

10. Frederick Forsyth’s The Dogs of War, based on his experiences in Biafra in the late ’60s and early ’70s?

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Published on July 13, 2018
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