Digitisation is here to stay

Tamanna Khanna | Updated on January 23, 2018 Published on August 27, 2015


Digital media woos customers by offering variety with convenience

Technology is moving faster than our imagination. Presently, digital media is marking its presence across the gamut of sectors. It has become an integral part of our lives, engulfing it like never before.

At every step in life, as every part of marketing and branding strategies, in every campaign, digital is taking over the soul.

With wider reach of social media and networking sites, identifying and reaching out to consumers on a platform that they rule has not only remained desirable but has also become essential for marketers.

It enables brands to be a part of consumer community, not just highlighting the brands’ existence but also enabling them to indulge in communicative engagement.

Online is the new hub

Whether you want to book tickets or shop for something — be it grocery, apparel or even electronics — the virtual markets are your new hub for everything. Digital media is wooing customers by offering variety with convenience, along with making digital marketing footsteps all the more fruitful.

The penetration of the internet has the made the web a de facto consumption channel. For leisure or for work, news updates or international calls, the virtual world is just by our side, or literally in our hands, wherever we go.

This undoubtedly seems one of the most promising return on investment factors for marketers and media buyers.

Digital has made branding omnipresent. No matter where you look, there are brand integrations everywhere. However, meeting consumers by actually interacting with them across platforms and in a way comfortable to them is what can strike a chord in consumer minds.

Personalised experience

Brands are reaching out to customers rather than it being the other way round. From emails to even a simple 160-character constrained SMS and other forms of personalised service experiences, brands across sectors are keeping consumers on priority, reaching out to them on a regular basis, gifting some attractive offers or just giving their due updates, but all with complete transparency.

There’s absolutely no debate over how the digitised world has taken over a major part of our lives, simplified it and fuelled it too.

The digitising media is an extremely commendable part of our technologically evolving journey and not just a passing wave.

Tamanna Khanna, Head Marketing, IndiaFirst Life Insurance

Published on August 27, 2015
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