ITC Grand Chola has organised a gastronomic celebration at Madras Pavilion to commemorate World Environment Day. The event will feature a curated selection of heirloom rice cultivated through time-honoured farming techniques.

The team of chefs of Madras Pavilion has crafted a menu that showcases the diverse flavours and textures of heirloom rice. -- from Oozy Rice Spheres to Noori popovers (Thengapoo Champa).

“We are delighted to host this event on World Environment Day, celebrating the rich diversity and cultural significance of heirloom rice. These varieties are not only a testament to our culinary heritage but also a crucial element in promoting sustainable farming practices. Through this initiative, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of preserving biodiversity and encourage a return to traditional agricultural practices that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable. By incorporating these ancient grains into our menu, we are contributing to the preservation of traditional farming practices and celebrating the unique flavours they bring to our dishes,” remarked Mayank Kulshreshtha, Area Executive Chef - South, ITC Hotels.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with ITC Grand Chola on this initiative to celebrate heirloom rice varieties. These grains represent not only our agricultural heritage but also a sustainable future. By promoting traditional rice cultivation, we are nurturing biodiversity and supporting farmers who are the custodians of these precious crops. Heritage rice offers a complete experience, from its beautiful, evocative name to its provenance, history, and the human genius that has preserved it over centuries, allowing us to participate in this beautiful, nature-enhancing process,” added Smt. Sheela Balaji, Founder of Spirit of The Earth.

Heirloom Rice Varieties
  • Kumbersale (Karnataka origin)
  • Moijong Phou (Manipur origin)
  • Mapillai Champa (Tamil Nadu origin)
  • Karela Sundari (West Bengal origin)
  • Chak Hao Amubi (Manipur origin)
  • Thengapoo Champa (Tamil Nadu origin)
  • Jeerakashala (Kerala origin)
  • Bora (Assam origin)
  • Sidda Sanna (Karnataka origin)
Rice menu at Madras Pavilion
  • Steamed rice dumpling (Kumbersale polished)

Morels, carrot, edamame, truffle oil

Coriander shrimps and shallots

Served with chili ponzu sauce

  • Grilled sticky rice cake (Moijong Phou)

Avocado muddle, sticky pepper jam, balsamic caviar, soy, wasabi and gari

Cilantro chili crab, salmon roe, soy, wasabi and gari

  • Sorghum, rice crisps and corn (Mapillai Champa)

Rice crisp topped with corn fluff, millet and relishes, crisp lentils, pomegranate kernels

  • Oozy rice spheres (Karela Sundari)

Yakhni encased rice spheres served with lotus stem and sweet potato ensemble

Gassi encased rice spheres served with fried anchovies

  • Neer dosa (Chak Hao Amubi)

Tempered pumpkin and charcoal

Chicken ghee roast and charcoal

Accompanied with Sambol - Chili garlic sambol, straw potato, moilee gravy

  • Noori popovers (Thengapoo Champa)

Asparagus and Inari, soy, gari, wasabi

Salmon, salmon roe, soy, gari, wasabi

  • Baked to perfection (Jeeraga Shala)

Corn and curry leaf mousse served on Yam keema

Smoked pea and parsley mousse, served on pounded Chettinaad lamb

  • Tandoori seekh (Bora)

Daan subz seekh

Bhaat gosht seekh

Accompanied with coriander blitz

  • Madras potlam (Chak Hao Amubi)

Jack fruit ensemble

Lamb and quail egg ensemble

Accompanied with set tempered yoghurt

  • Sweet tooth

Chak hao ambui kheer (Chak Hao Amubi)

Sidda sanna with mango and coconut milk (Sidda Sanna)