Arfin India Limited announced a strategic partnership for the global distribution of aluminium products with JFE Shoji India Pvt Ltd, an affiliate of JFE Shoji Corporation in Japan, in an official release. The company also announced a preferential issue of equity shares to JFE Shoji India Private Limited, on a private placement basis. 

“This collaboration underscores Arfin India Ltd’s long-standing commitment to providing high quality aluminium products, along with leveraging JFE Shoji India’s extensive network and the wide expertise in the distribution and marketing of these highly specialised aluminium products globally,” the release added.

“Expectations for aluminum deox manufacturing are that the amount used in Indian steel mills will increase because CO2 emissions and the energy needed for manufacturing are significantly reduced when making recycled products originating from scrap compared to products originating from a natural resource such as bauxite. As a strategic partner for Arfin, JFE Shoji will strive to expand sales of Arfin’s recycled aluminum deox products within India as well as in the surrounding region,” says, Hirotsugu Yoshida, Managing Director of JFE Shoji India Private Limited, says,