ATS Elgi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elgi Equipments and manufacturer of garage equipment, has announced its manufacturing partnership with VTEQ, a Spain-based vehicle testing equipment maker.

With this tie-up, ATS Elgi will establish a 7,500 sq ft manufacturing facility to produce previously imported vehicle testing equipment for the Indian market at competitive prices. The equipment includes brake, suspension, slip, and speedo testers, axle play detectors, and steering gear play, according to a statement.

‘A breakthrough agreement’

“With this breakthrough agreement, we will now manufacture proven products in the country and offer them to customers at affordable prices. In addition, ATS Elgi’s widespread sales and service network will ensure customers have access to faster procurement of equipment, high uptime, and quick response rates for addressing maintenance and spare parts requirements,” said Praveen Tiwari, Managing Director, ATS Elgi Ltd

“Over the next five years, we expect over 200 testing centres will be set up in the country. We are looking forward to our partnership with VTEQ, which will provide us with an excellent growth opportunity,” said Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director, Elgi Equipments Ltd.

ATS Elgi is a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive service equipment in India and offers the broadest range of garage equipment in the country.

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