In a bid to deepen engagement with consumers, biscuit brand Britannia NutriChoice has launched the health-tech app NutriPlus.

The app has been designed in partnership with Aktivo Labs, and enables monitoring of health and wellness metrics.

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia Industries said, “Developed by a team of esteemed doctors and scientists from Aktivo Labs, the NutriPlus app harnesses evidence-based technology and has been built with an aim to democratise health monitoring in the country. Quantified health empowers people across cultures, languages, and geographies to live long and healthy lives.”

The company said that the app provides NutriScore, which is a one-score indicator, which is based on various parameters and provides users with an overview of their health status. Doshi said that the single health score simplifies health tracking and gives users a clear understanding about their wellness journey.

“Britannia NutriChoice caters to the growing segment of consumers who actively seek better snacking options. Consumers can download the NutriPlus app by scanning a QR code across a range of Britannia NutriChoice packs, which reach crores of households in India. We believe in the invisible power of small, everyday choices and the NutriPlus app is one such step to partner millions of Indians in their pursuit of wellbeing and better lifestyles. We hope it will democratise,” Doshi stated.

The NutriPlus app also offers a comprehensive weekly health assessment, empowering users with tailored insights regardless of their demographic, the company added.