Clinisys, a provider of laboratory diagnostic solutions in healthcare and life sciences is set to hire 200 professionals in various disciplines this year. The company has announced its plan to ramp up hiring in India by over 50 per cent in the 2024 calendar year to support its 3,500+ lab customers around the world and further expand its global operations.

“Our team in India in August has about 380 people, they currently support and build everything for our customers in 36 other countries. Today, we serve over 4000 Laboratories in all these different countries.

Almost 90 per cent of the 380 employees we have in India are all in R&D”, Michael Simpson CEO, Clinisys told businessline.

Clinisys has elevated Karthik Reddy as the new Vice President of Clinisys India from senior healthcare technology, product and operations leader in North America. Reddy will partner with cross-functional teams to increase overall product delivery efficiencies, grow lab expertise locally, drive innovation and enhance customer support response time.

Karthik Reddy, VP, Clinisys India said, “As an organisation, we will continue to invest in expanding our workforce in India and nurture our tech talent by providing the right opportunities. Our talent acquisition strategy will pursue a balanced mix of freshers and experienced professionals, which effectively means we will be recruiting 40 per cent freshers, and the remaining 60 per cent positions will be experienced and senior positions with a proven technology background.”