A car designed by a six- year-old. Not on paper, but a full-scale working model.

The prototype is on display at the Brilliant Kids Motor Show, organised by Hyundai Motor India (HMIL) at Ambience Mall, Gurugram. The show aims to encourage young minds to innovate and design.

Kids in the 6-10 age group came up with well-thoughtout concepts, keeping in mind the need for clean environment and use of alternative fuels. For instance, eight-year- old Prachi Gupta of KR Mangalam World School, Gurugram, has designed an ‘Ecofix car’ with the idea of an automobile that can preserve rain water.

Similarly, eight-yar-old Sanidhya Garg of Step By Step School, Ghaziabad, has come up with an ‘Air Cleaner Super Sonic Car’ — his dream car which can suck out pollutants from air and use them as fuel, while releasing oxygen.

Innovative concepts

Prachi’s and Sanidhya’s are amongst the top eight design concepts adapted into full-scale working models by HMIL, as the ideas are sustainable, can positive impact on environment and use clean energy resources.

Manya Arora (7) of Manav Rachna International School, Gurugram; Kirtan Jain of DG Khetan International School, Mumbai; Innaya Sharma (9), Riddhima Tiwari (9) and Advay Goel (6) of KR Mangalam World School, Gurugram; and Maulik Bansal (8) of Prabhu Dayal Public School, New Delhi, made into the top eight.

The six-month-long campaign, which started in July, will end on December 4.

Out of 5,000 entries received, 50 were short- listed by Hyundai for their design, innovative concepts and practicality. Of the 50, 16 were-short listed by an external jury, and the final eight were chosen after a mentoring session.

These brilliant ideas ranges from a car that can clean oceans, an electric vehicle that uses both solar and wind energy, and an eco-friendly car that runs on plastics and absorbs carbon dioxide, to a car that cleans roads and uses the litter to fuel itself.

“ Hyundai strongly believes in inspiring the next generation of innovators, pioneers and creators of India. We are overwhelmed by the level of innovation and curiosity shown by the children in designing their dream cars,” said SJ Ha, Director - Sales and Marketing, HMIL.

He said these “young innovators” will revolutionise the elements of design and technology in mobility, which India needs.