Travelling internationally, you can upload your foreign exchange reserves card instantly. This would be possible on the latest version of BookMyForex application.

BookMyForex is a group company of the travel portal, MakeMyTrip.

“Running out of funds while abroad is stressful and relying on credit cards exacerbates the issue with exorbitant conversion charges, additional fees & often restrictive credit limits. Our instant reload feature addresses these concerns head-on, removing the necessity of resorting to credit cards and offering unparalleled peace of mind to travellers,” Sudarshan Motwani, Founder, and CEO of said. Further, this card can be purchased without the need to open a bank account and is door-delivered on the day of placing the order itself.

In addition to the instant reloads, the app claims it provides a streamlined and hassle-free order booking and order management experience through its intuitive interface, along with card management features. Once back from the trip, users can unload a part or the entire unspent balance.

In a statement, the company said that the app streamlines currency conversion through the in-app wallet-to-wallet currency conversion feature. Users can easily instantly convert their balance in one currency to another and view the subsequent balance on their card via the app. Users can create disposable virtual cards via the app to securely make online payments. As many foreign websites allow card payments to be done without an OTP, virtual cards add a highly required layer of safety.

Talking about security feature, the company said that the card can instantly be locked or unlocked by the app itself. Card users can also change their ATM PIN and enable/disable transaction channels right from the app.