Hero MotoCorp’s manufacturing facility in Gurugram bagged the CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management, securing the top position in the ‘Within the Fence’ category. The company is making strides towards its goal of being 500 per cent water positive by 2025. Presently, the company is saving nearly 3.8 million kiloliters of water annually.

The company said that the organisation is actively progressing towards ‘water stewardship’ by not only minimising water consumption and waste but also facilitating access to water for communities beyond its premises. 

The company adopted an approach encompassing water reduction, recycling, recovery, and recharge. Measures include the replacement of RO filtration with Ultra Filtration (UF), the reuse of machine RO reject water in cooling towers, enhanced efficiency of DM and RO plants, and the adoption of cascading rinsing over continuous rinsing, among various other water conservation programs.

However, shares were down 0.37 per cent to ₹3,973.45 at 11 am on the BSE.