L&T Technology Services Ltd (LTTS), a pureplay engineering services company is bullish on Generative AI, and plans to develop more use cases, partner with hyperscalers, and train employees on AI technology, according to Amit Chadha, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at LTTS.

The company is upgrading it’s AI solutions to large language models, upgrading it’s labs, working with compute platform companies to design chipsets, and with companies that would provide ability to leverage compute power onto applications.

LTTS is also building industry-specific GenAI use cases. “We are currently working on areas such as digital twin for flexible production, AI-powered optical inspection, predictive maintenance, demand forecasting and supply chain, and medical use cases,” Chadha told businessline.

The company currently has nine use cases and is working to build more in the near future. It will also be training 1,800 more employees in addition to 200 employees already under training to work on AI technologies.

Multiple focus areas

LTTS, after realigning its focus, now aims for growth on multiple focus areas such as software defined vehicles (SDV), artificial intelligence (AI), next-gen compute and communications and cybersecurity.

In tandem with its focus on cybersecurity, it recently partnered with cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks to provide security services and solutions in 5G and operations technology (OT) areas.

“We will always have multiple vertical focuses, as that will allow to balance out even if one of the sector goes down. At large, our vision is to engineer a sustainable tomorrow,” Chadha said.

Weighing in on the demand environment at large, Chadha said that while they are optimistic about the prospects, in reality, there is caution in the market and decisions are taking longer. Albiet, the company aims to gain market share with the newer focus areas.

Commenting on market valuations and growth being lower than peers, Chadha notes the growth potential that lies ahead. “LTTS has the potential to be one of the top 5 engineering technology companies globally, as we work across multiple sectors. We also have the ability to design and produce and I do believe there is a lot more that’s possible for us to do,” he said.