K Pandia Rajan, founder of Ma Foi Management, one of the early HR services firms, has announced his re-entry into the sector with the launch of CIEL HR Services.

Pandia Rajan who exited the business after a global merger at Ma Foi, told media persons here on Wednesday that CIEL HR will use the power of analytics, and its offerings in staffing search and selection will be driven by data-based insights to find new talent.

Beginning with four cities — Chennai, Bengaluru, Vadodara and Mumbai, the company is planning to expand to Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune.

With an investment of ₹3 crore, the company aims to achieve a turnover of ₹10 crore in the next fiscal. CIEL’s initial offerings include staffing, search, selection and managed services.

The revenue will be clocked under two different companies – CIEL HR Services and CIEL IT Solutions.

The company’s main focus will be on technology, banking and finance, engineering and customer services related sectors.

Pandia Rajan, who will serve the new company as Chairman, said companies typically aspire to fill 15-20 per cent of the vacancies.

“Our objective is to bring the conversion rate — translating the vacancies into positions — to 70 per cent using technology as an enabler,” he added.

CIEL is working on an analytics platform that will eliminate the applications of unqualified candidates using their resumes.

This will help HR consultants to shortlist the candidates and map them based on their qualifications. This reduces the problem of abundance of resources, one the major problems faced by recruiters these days. The analytics platform will be launched in another two months.

Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd, a Chennai-based HR service provider, was started by Pandia Rajan and his wife Latha Raja in 1992.

At CIEL HR Services, Latha Rajan will be the Director and co-founder, Aditya Narayan Mishra, Director and Chief Executive Officer, and Santosh Nair, Director and Chief Operating Officer.