Polaris on Wednesday said that it has been awarded a ₹2,246 crore contract to install 2.2 million smart meters in West Bengal.

It has also secured another contract of ₹206 crore for smart meter installation in Manipur, in the region of Imphal, to install over 1.6 lakh smart meters.

The project aims to reduce Discom losses and empower consumers by introducing smart prepaid meters, the company said.

As per the agreement, Polaris Smart Metering will supply, commission, install and maintain smart meters for consumers and system metering across the consumer base in these important clusters for the next 10 years, it added.

These smart meters will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling prepaid billing, real-time energy monitoring, accurate metering, and improved grid management capabilities.

The contracts come under a Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Own-Transfer (DBFOOT) agreement.

Smart meters

The primary objective of this project is to reduce losses for Discoms and to empower consumers by introducing smart prepaid meters, enabling them to have better control over their energy consumption, Polaris said.

Through the implementation of these smart meters, consumers will have real-time access to their energy usage data, allowing them to monitor and manage their consumption patterns effectively. This will result in a more informed decision-making process for consumers, fostering a culture of energy conservation and responsible electricity usage.

Additionally, consumers will have the flexibility to recharge their meter as per their convenience, avoiding the inconvenience of monthly visits from meter readers or the hassle of bill payment. This will not only enhance customer satisfaction but also streamline the overall billing process.

“To tackle power theft, Polaris has internationally patented algorithms to enable Discoms to detect and address power theft effectively. In addition, Polaris’s technology will also enable Discoms to implement advanced demand-response policies for maximum integration of renewable energy sources in their power purchase portfolios,” it said.

Besides, the company ensures a high level of cyber security by encrypting its entire communication stack and employing multiple layers of encryption for data privacy. This includes identity and access management, authorisation, and a user privilege system.

Past orderbook

With this latest contract, Polaris has successfully closed orders of more than ₹7,700 crore across Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Manipur, Bihar and Ladakh

It won multiple smart metering contracts in Uttar Pradesh, Ladakh and Bihar for installing over 5.2 million smart meters for a value of more than ₹5,381 crore cumulatively.

Polaris is involved in manufacturing, supply, installation, integration, testing and commissioning of AMI Projects in India, which will herald a transformation in the energy landscape benefiting consumers, the environment, and the overall sustainability of the country.