Pune Gas, a leading provider of LPG solutions announced its strategic expansion into the burgeoning Sri Lankan market. The move comes in response to the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions in Sri Lanka’s industrial and commercial sectors, aligning with the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and eco-friendly gas alternatives. 

With over a three-decade history of providing world-class solutions to India’s industrial heat and gas needs, Pune Gas has formed a joint venture, Lanka Gastech, with 3DH Group of Sri Lanka to leverage local expertise for a robust market presence.

Strategic expansion

Commenting about the prospects in Sri Lanka, Jesal Sampat, Executive Director, Pune Gas said, “As the founder of Pune Gas, I am excited about the prospects in Sri Lanka. Our expansion is rooted in our mission to provide sustainable and innovative gas solutions. Together with our local partners, we look forward to contributing to the growth and success of the Sri Lankan market.” Understanding the importance of compliance with local regulations, Pune Gas is actively collaborating with regulatory authorities in Sri Lanka.

Anticipating a positive response, Pune Gas is introducing its range of LPG solutions tailored for industrial and commercial users in Sri Lanka. This includes the conversion of applications from oil and diesel to LPG.

Pune Gas recognises the evolving needs of businesses in Sri Lanka and is motivated by the opportunity to provide efficient and environmentally responsible gas solutions. Acknowledging the competitive landscape, the company aims to differentiate itself through a commitment to sustainability, quality service and collaborative partnerships with local entities. 

The strategic objectives behind Pune Gas’s expansion into the Sri Lankan market include extending expertise in downstream LPG solutions, supporting industrial and commercial users in transitioning to LPG and contributing to the economic and environmental sustainability of the region. The decision to expand is backed by thorough market research, encompassing demand trends, regulatory frameworks and competitor landscapes, ensuring a well-informed and strategic entry into the market.