The Spices Board held consultations with the industry today on recall by Hong Kong and Singapore of certain spice mixes sold by Everest and MDH due to concerns of potential Ethylene Oxide (ETO) contamination and examine possible corrective measures, sources said.

“Officials from Spices Board met industry representatives to discuss what corrective measures can be taken to reduce the risk of contamination from ETO, a sterilising agent used in food materials,” a source told businessline.

Spices Board has mobilised efforts to gather technical information, analytical reports, and exporter data from relevant authorities in both Hong Kong and Singapore following the recall.

“The Board is in touch with Indian missions in Singapore and Hong Kong to get more information and official notification. The Board is working with the exporters whose consignments have been recalled to ascertain the root cause of the issue and propose corrective measures. Thorough inspections at exporter facilities are also underway to ensure adherence with regulatory standards,” the source said.