Canadian coffee brand, Tim Hortons, which debuted in the country in August 2022, plans to expand its presence in the country. The company’s India franchise introduced its presence in Mumbai by launching two coffee shops in the western suburbs on Thursday.

Driving on good response from Indian consumers, Tim Hortons introduced eight stores in NCR in the last one year, Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Bathinda, and now plans on expanding to Pune and Bengaluru.

Target 2026

“The idea is to get into a certain geography and go into all the major cities in that geography. If you look at North India as one region, then between Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, and then going into Ludhiana and Patiala, the point is that you go into other cities in a certain geography as well and don’t restrict yourself to Mumbai or Delhi. A lot of products are very true to the experience anywhere else in the world. If you look at our beverage portfolio, there are those iconic French vanilla and icecap. And then there are doughnuts and Tim bits, which are the most popular products in Tim Horton internationally,” said Tarun Jain, CEO of the Tim Hortons franchise in India.

The company had earlier announced its plans to introduce 120 stores by 2026 in different geographies in India. “We had a first-year target of about 15 to 20 stores that we are going to exceed and then we naturally grow from there. I think it’s a function of when the real estate becomes available and how we kind of evaluate each opportunity,” he said.

Revenue growth

While the company does not have a particular revenue target, it plans to focus on the profitable business model in the country. “... revenue is a work in motion. There is a broad growth expansion strategy that we are following. As we go into the markets and specific size, we stay true to that location. We work with certain numbers on that, but they would vary from location to location; what we focus on is to make sure that we have stores which are doing well, profitable, and that are relevant to the market,” said Jain.

The company will feature Baida roti cigar rolls, Java chip iced cap and pinwheel samosa to tap into local taste preferences as new additions to its menu for the Mumbai stores.