The Commerce, Industry and Textiles Minister, Mr Anand Sharma, said on Friday that India's collaboration with countries like the US and Japan is important from the point of view of long-term energy security, green and sustainable technologies as well as innovation.

Terming this an “an area of high priority”, he told the delegates from the US and Japan during a trilateral dialogue here that, “The changing contours of global economic architecture have made such a dialogue even more opportune and necessary.”

He added that collaboration in agro-processing, pharmaceuticals would be essential for the larger objective of ensuring global food security and health security.

The delegation included Mr. Richard Armitage, President, Armitage International LC(Co-Chair); Mr Tim Adams, Managing Director, The Lindsey Group; Mr Karl Inderfurth, Mr Roger Rose, Lockheed Martin and Mr. Torkel Patterson, President, US- Japan MAGLEV, LLC. The Japan delegation included Mr. Yoshiyuki Kasai, Chairman, Central Japan Railway Company and Mr Yorihiko Kojima, Chairman, Mitsubishi Corporation.