D2F Services Pvt. Ltd, a drone-based chemical spraying service provider operating under the brand name AgriWings plans to spray 1.5 lakh acres this season.

The company had sprayed in more than 20,000 acres in the previous season, benefitting over 2,500 farmers in States such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

“We have already sprayed over 20 thousand acres of land in the past season, and now look forward to attaining an even larger feat. By mitigating manual spraying methods, the farmers are protected from contracting diseases, a significant amount of water is conserved, and the overall crop yield also increases sharply,” said Vidur Varma, CEO of AgriWings in a statement.

“We have even deployed 60 per cent of the over 100 drones, for the purpose, from our fleet, and are very hopeful to harness desirable results,” he added.

The company is also collaborating with other network service provider through the franchise model. AgriWings also plans to expand its network across the country.