Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd, a research spin-off of IIT Delhi’s works on sanitation, along with DCB Bank, launched a composting facility at Goa University on Tuesday. Located on the university grounds, this facility has a capacity of processing 657 kgs of wet waste a day.

Sponsored by DCB Bank as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, the facility is designed and developed by Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd. Alterenergyz has taken charge of commissioning and managing the facility.

Quoting Harilal B Menon, Vice-Chancellor of Goa University, a media statement said the composting site at Goa University signifies a milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable future, where waste is not just disposed of but transformed into valuable resources through responsible practices.

Range of waste management techniques

Murali M Natrajan, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of DCB Bank, said: “We have partnered with Ekam Eco Solutions on a range of innovative waste management and water saving techniques, including wet waste and dry waste management. Here we are dealing with environmental challenges and also encouraging a culture of responsible practices. As part of our CSR initiatives, we prioritise addressing issues such as the water crisis, climate change, and sustainable livelihoods, with a particular emphasis on nature-based solutions. Together, through our joint efforts, we aim to create a sustainable environment for future generations.”

VS Nadkarni, Registrar of Goa University, Sachin Joshi, Co-Founder of Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Samruddha Hegade, Managing Partner of Alterenergyz, attended the inaugural ceremony.