Garuda Aerospace, a drone startup, announced its partnership with the Harare Institute of Technology and Nyangani Virtual University, Zimbabwe to deploy drones for agricultural purposes.

The drones would be used for the purposes of large-scale mapping, inspection, and training for better yield. This comes after their expansion in Malaysia through their partnership with HiiLSE Drones.

 “With this partnership, we aim to add value to the agriculture ecosystem by powering it with drones that are enabled with advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning technologies,” said Agnishwar Jayapraksh, founder and CEO, Garuda Aerospace. 

The main objective behind the collaboration is to enable better farming techniques with the use of cutting-edge technology by both the government and private sector across the region. Through the partnership, the drone startup will also focus on job creation in the region.

Garuda Aerospace manufactures over 30 different types of drones and offers over 50 types of services such as precision agriculture spray, industry 4.0 upgradation services, structural damage inspection, warehouse management, seed dropping, solar panel cleaning, project monitoring, drone delivery of medicines for hospitals and drone delivery of packages for food during hard times.