Mother Dairy has decided to increase milk prices by ₹2 per litre in the Delhi-NCR effective Wednesday due to rise in its procurement and other input costs.

In March, Mother Dairy increased milk prices by ₹2 per litre in the Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region).

Mother Dairy is one of the leading milk suppliers in the Delhi-NCR market and sells more than 30 lakh litres per day in poly packs and through vending machines.

A company official on Tuesday said it is "compelled" to raise its liquid milk prices by ₹2 per litre with effect from August 17, 2022. The new prices will be applicable for all milk variants.

Full cream milk will cost ₹61 per litre from Wednesday, up from ₹59 per litre.

The prices of toned milk will increase to ₹51 while double toned milk will rise to ₹ 45 per litre. Cow milk price have been hiked to ₹53 per litre.

Bulk vended milk (token milk) price has been raised to ₹ 48 from ₹46 per litre.

The company has witnessed an increase in input costs in the last five months, the official said.

For instance, the farm prices of raw milk have spiked by about 10-11 per cent.

Likewise, the cost of feed and fodder has also witnessed a significant rise due to the heat wave and extended summer season.

According to the official, the surge in farm prices is only being partially passed on to the consumers, thereby securing the interests of both the stakeholders – consumers and farmers.

The company spends around 75-80 per cent of the sales realisation from milk towards the procurement of milk from the farmers.

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