Aimed at bringing dynamic changes in the activities of Rubber Producer Societies, the Rubber Board has stated a campaign on ‘Reformation of Rubber Producers Societies (RPSs) through youth involvement.’

The mass contact programmes are scheduled till February 28, 2023 in the traditional rubber-growing areas and the North-Eastern regions. The Board expects to contact 20,000 farmers through 1,000 meetings across the country during this period.

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Participation of youths in the activities of the RPSs, modernisation of rubber farming, e-trading etc are the important topics to be discussed in the campaign meetings. The Board is of the view that involvement of youths into the leadership of the RPSs can make dynamic changes in the activities of the RPSs.

Changing with the times

KN Raghavan, Executive Director told businessline that RPSs are the vehicles used by Rubber Board for coordinating activities at the level of rubber growers. Though RPSs have performed yeomen service to the sector during the last 3 decades, there has arisen a need to change with the times. This includes use of IT tools and electronic means for doing business, proactive approach towards bringing untapped plantations under tapping, organising tappers and ensuring proper and timely emoluments.

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There also exists scope for increasing income of growers through leveraging on challenges posed by climate change and related issues such as carbon credits and sustainability certification, where Rubber Board has initiated action. This also will be implemented through medium of RPS. To accomplish all these objectives more youngsters are required to enter the arena of rubber farming and administration of RPS. The objective of the campaign is to highlight this aspect amongst the farmers and promote participation of young generation in activities of RPS, he added.