Prime Minister Narendra Modi while inaugurating the 10th edition of Vibrant Gujarat summit in Gujarat on January 10 termed India as a “global friend” which can be trusted.

“In this fast changing world order, India is acting as a global friend. India has given hope to the world that we can fix common goals and can achieve them. India’s efforts for global good is making the world more secure and prosperous,” said PM Modi while addressing the event where the leaders of UAE, Czech Republic, Timor Leste and Mozambique were present.

“The world looks at India as an important pillar of stability. A friend who can be trusted. A partner who believes in people centric development; a voice that believes in global in good; a voice of the global south; an engine of growth in global economy; a technology hub for finding solutions; a pool of talented youth and a democracy that delivers,” he added at the summit in Gujarat, where even warring nations like Ukraine and Russia are scouting for investment opportunities.

PM Modi said India is walking on the path of becoming the third largest economy of the world and continues to remain focused on sustainable industry, infrastructure and manufacturing, new age skills, futuristic technologies, AI and innovation, green hydrogen, renewable energy, semiconductors. “During a time when the world is facing many uncertainties, India has risen as a new beacon of hope for the world,” he added.

Crediting the resilience of the Indian economy to measures implemented by his administration over the past decade, PM Modi remarked, “If the Indian economy is showing so much of resilience and if there is so much momentum in its growth, then the biggest reason is our focus on structural reforms that have aided in increasing the capacity, capability and competitiveness of the economy.”

Hard-selling India to the Global CEOs and diplomats present at the event, PM Modi said, “In the last five years of our government, 13.5 crore people have managed to come out of poverty. The average income of India’s middle class is continuously increasing. The participation of female workforce in the country has seen a record rise. These are good indicators for the future of India and so I appeal to you all to join in India’s progress,” he said. He added that in the last 10 years, the number of airports in India has risen from 74 to 149, the national highway network has doubled and the metro train network has tripled.