India’s decision on purchasing oil from Russia will continue to be guided by its energy security requirements, the Ministry of External Affairs has said

“Our decisions on what we do regarding purchase of oil or anything related to it is guided by our energy security requirements. Our perspective will be guided by our energy security...We will continue to pursue that,” said Arindam Bagchi, Spokesperson, MEA, at a media briefing on Friday.

Responding to questions on whether India was under increased pressure on accepting a proposal put forward by some Western nations on placing a price cap on Russian oil, Bagchi said, while he was aware that there were some discussions on the matter, the Foreign Secretary had made it clear earlier that there was no question of India being under any pressure on this issue.

On the growing tension between China and Taiwan, Bagchi said, like many other countries, India too was concerned at the recent developments. “We urge the exercise of restraint, avoidance of unilateral actions to change status quo, de-escalation of tensions and efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region. India’s relevant policies are well-known and consistent. They do not require reiteration,” he said.

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