City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) successfully conducted a computerised draw to allocate 46 plots to project-affected persons (PAPs) in the Navi Mumbai International Airport project area. The draw took place at CIDCO Bhavan, the headquarters of CIDCO. These plots were part of the rehabilitation and resettlement scheme as well as the 22.5% scheme.

CIDCO is developing the Navi Mumbai International Airport on a sprawling 1,160-hectare land acquired from ten villages in Tal. Panvel, Dist. Raigad of Navi Mumbai. The individuals affected by this project from these villages have been provided with an extensive rehabilitation package, considered the best in the country, along with other benefits. The state government has approved CIDCO’s 22.5% scheme, which ensures that the project-affected persons receive appropriate compensation and assistance.

CIDCO has taken special care in developing the Pushpak Nagar Node of the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Area (R&R) for the airport PAPs. This area has all the necessary physical, social, and cultural amenities to ensure a smooth transition and comfortable living conditions for the affected individuals.

However, due to technical reasons, some of the originally allotted plots had to be canceled. To address this issue, CIDCO conducted another computerized draw on June 22, 2023, and allocated alternate plots to the concerned PAPs. In total, 46 plots were allotted during this draw, with 23 plots falling under the rehabilitation and resettlement scheme and the remaining 23 under the 22.5% scheme.

CIDCO’s successful completion of the computerized draw and the provision of alternative plots demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling their obligations to the project-affected persons. By providing adequate compensation and implementing robust rehabilitation and resettlement measures, CIDCO strives to mitigate the impact of the airport project on the affected communities and ensure their well-being throughout the process.