The all-Indian crew and two pilots aboard the container ship Dali, are safe, with one minor injury. The ship was involved in the Baltimore bridge collapse incident in the US, with one minor injury reported.

The incident on the Francis Scott Key Bridge impacted individuals, with two rescued from the water, one with serious injuries, as reported by Baltimore fire chief, ABC News, and vessel owner Grace Ocean Pte Ltd & Ship of Singapore.

As per the United States Coast Guard (USCG), the search and rescue operation has been called off for the night. Six people are presumed dead.

“Our Emergency Response Team has been dispatched and is presently at Baltimore to support the ongoing efforts to ensure crew safety, maintain vessel integrity and facilitate the swift and safe reopening of the waterway,” the ship owner said.

Authorities from USCG and NTSB boarded the vessel to carry out investigations.

Owners and managers of the Singapore-flagged container ship Dali collided with one of the pillars of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore whilst under pilotage with two pilots onboard, at approximately 01 30 local time on March 26

Whilst the exact cause of the incident is yet to be determined, the ‘DALI’ has now mobilised its Qualified Individual Incident response service. The US Coast Guard and local officials have been notified, and the owners and managers are fully cooperating with Federal and State government agencies under an approved plan, the company said.

Dali has a capacity to carry 10,000 TEUs. With 4,679 TEUs on board, the ship was outbound from Baltimore to Colombo.